The Scam Bible

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As seen on ABC 20/20,  Fox News and Good Morning America!

Featured in The Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine, the New Orleans Gambit and more!

Hailed as “the other team’s playbook”, How to Burn Down the House: The Infamous Waiter & Bartender’s Scam Bible by Two Bourbon Street Waiters is the first insider’s guide to employee theft in the Restaurant and Bar Industry. The Scam Bible is an uncensored cornucopia of every ingenious method and tactic utilized by waiters and bartenders to relieve restaurants, bars and customers of their hard earned profits.  

- Detailed step-by-step descriptions of every scam in the business, from the classics to the cutting edge  

- Bursting with high drama and tactics so devious and over the top, you will be astounded at how far they’ll go

- Devastating POS scams, like the Wagonwheel and others, never before seen in print


Passed from knowing hand to knowing hand, culled from the closely guarded repertoires of the most infamous Scam Masters on Bourbon Street and throughout the country, the Scam Bible is a life-saving reality check and absolute must-read for Food & Beverage Professionals worldwide.

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