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If there was any doubt as to the clear and present danger that unchecked employee theft poses to a successful restaurant or bar and its customers, it was all but incinerated upon the publication of How to Burn Down the House: The Infamous Waiter & Bartender’s Scam Bible by Two Bourbon Street Waiters.

Since it exploded on the cover of Louisiana’s largest weekly newspaper, The New Orleans Gambit in January of 2005, amid outrage and denial from local businesses, How to Burn Down the House, aka the Scam Bible, has swept the globe, arming thousands of Food and Beverage professionals with the first authentic insight into the methods of employee theft.

Featured twice on ABC 20/20, as well as Fox News, Good Morning America, the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine, Nations Restaurant News, in print and on TV and Radio throughout the country, the Scam Bible’s journey from underground cult classic to Industry must-read, continues to be marked by the controversy surrounding its direct and uncensored treatment of a subject imminently relevant to anyone who eats, drinks and thinks.

How to Burn Down the House and its associated seminar, How to Burn Down the House: The Practice and Prevention of Employee Theft are publications and productions of New Orleans’ Promethean Books.